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Dragon Magic and Rituals from the

Dragon Magic and Rituals from the Clan of the Dragon

Written and Presented by J'Karrah EbonDragon, HPS & Founder


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Greetings and Salutations! Did you know that Dragons are real?  That they still exist and that many of them are willing to work in partnership with people?  It's true, I assure you. But don't go looking to the sky in your front yard because it's very unlikely you will find one.  I mean dragons who exist in the spiritual realms that march along side the physical realms we inhabit.  And like other beings from those realms they can interact with those who are willing to reach out to them.  I have been working with such Dragons for many years and have had many rewarding experiences with them.  Many of these wise and wondrous creatures are willing to teach and to share their friendship with those who believe in and respect them. Working with Dragons is not a game, and it is not a path for the frivolous.  Dragons can be great friends but they will always teach you the lessons you *need* to learn before teaching you what you *want* to learn.  It may not always be pleasant, but if you are true to them... and to yourself... you will always find it was worthwhile in the end.


I would like to emphasize that this is an introductory website intended for those with little to no experience working with magic in general or with Dragons specifically.  The purpose of this website is to provide a starting point, to help those who would like to contact a Dragon but who have no idea how to go about it.  Nothing presented here meant to be slavishly followed to the letter.  It is not intended to be the final authority on Dragons or working magically with them.  Hopefully, everyone who gets their start here will move on and grow spiritually and magically beyond the scope of this website.


One thing most people notice fairly quickly that there is little religion mentioned on this site as opposed to general aspects of spirituality.  No deities are named and no religious rites such as Sabbats or Esbats listed, although that may change somewhat in the future.  For now, the reason for that is because the Clan of the Dragon's Draconic Tradition is "non-religion specific."  That means you can easily incorporate the teachings of the tradition into any existing religious practice you wish provided it does not hold the notion that Dragons are "evil" or purely mythological/fantasy entities.  If you truly hold a belief in and respect for Dragons in your mind and heart, you can invite them into your life as friends and Companions.  You can learn to work magically with them alone or you can invite them to join you in your religious practices as well.  And in the future rituals for Esbats and Sabbats may become available for those who wish to use them.  It's all up to you and your new Dragon friends to decide together.


Finally, for those who think they might be interested in joining the original Clan of the Dragon specifically rather than just becoming a follower of the Draconic Tradition, I am sorry to say that this is simply not possible.  The Clan of the Dragon is a small, family oriented coven and is not open to non-family members.  The purpose of providing the information presented on this website is to spread an appreciation for dragons and provide a way to develop a basic understanding for working magically with them on your own.  So while joining the original Clan of the Dragon is not possible, I hope that you will find this website and its information of use and I hope that, one day, it may lead you to others with the same interests and dedication with whom you can form a Clan of your own. 


Bright Blessings to you all and I hope you enjoy the site.



Copyright 2001-2011 [K. L. Dugery, and EbonDragon  Productions]

All rights reserved. Revised: September 14, 2011


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