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On The Road: Automotive Protection

By J'Karrah, 2005

This ritual is designed to add a layer of protective shielding on your vehicle* and all those who ride within it.  It won't make up for careless driving or stupid mistakes on your part, nor will it protect you from your own folly if you insist on driving while impaired due to alcohol or drug use.  Like most protection spells, when working properly, you will probably not even realize it at the time that you suddenly "decided" to take a different route home than you normally travel.  But when you later learn of an accident that would have either delayed your arrival or even may have wound up in the middle of, you'll know...

This spell works best when attached to a talisman that can be placed permanently within or on the vehicle.  I use the front license plate on mine.  The runes and charm of the spell were written on the back of this plate with a permanent marker and then attached to the front of the car.  Another suggestion would be to write the spell out on a piece of heavy paper or even cardboard and then kept in the glove box, placed under the driver's seat (or even *in* the driver's seat if you can open the seat covering).  It is possible to cast the spell directly on the vehicle itself if this would be easier, but you will want to check the shield regularly to make sure nothing has interfered or created holes in it.   

* If you are so inclined, you may use the actual model name of your vehicle (Jeep, Mustang, Sentra...) instead of the generic "vehicle" or just say "car" or "truck..." Use whatever term you normally do when referring to your vehicle.

The Spell

Needed Items:

1: An object to be transformed into your new talisman

2: A permanent marker (black preferred but not absolutely required) or a paint pen (gold or silver preferred...)

3: Protection oil (or Dragon's Blood oil or cinnamon oil)

Perform Draconic Circle Casting (optional if you are simply casting the spell directly on the car itself if doing so would prove difficult)

Invoke whichever deity you normally work with.

Invite your Dragon friend(s)


Step 1: In the center of your "talisman" draw the following rune script (a sequence of runes used for a specific purpose):

 Fehu: protection of valuables

Thurisaz: protection and/or defense

Raidho: safe and comfortable travel

Hagall: promotes security and keeps negative forces out of your space

Othel: protection of possessions and family property

Kenaz: use to strengthen any rune script 

Wunjo: success in travel

Ehwaz: ensures safe travel

Ing: to bring about satisfactory conclusions &  to "fix" the outcome of a rune script so that the benefits do not drain away


Step 2: Mark the four corners of the completed Rune Script with the protection oil while concentrating on enjoying a safe and comfortable journey any time you, family and/or friends travel anywhere within your vehicle, and chant 9 times:

Dragons of  Power, Dragons of Light,

Dragons of Wisdom, Dragons of Might!

Lend me your magic; Lend me your aid

Lend me your guidance as this spell is made!


Step 3: Above the Rune Script write the following prayer:

(Name of deity) bless this vehicle and all who travel within.  Protect this vehicle from harm and damage, mischief and misfortune so that it and all who travel within shall always return home safely.

When finished, recite the prayer 9 times while visualizing your deities wrapping an all encompassing bubble of protection around your vehicle.

Step 4: Below the Rune Script write the following:

Great Dragons of might and power, spread your wings of protection over this vehicle and all who travel within.  May your fire destroy all misfortune or ill-chance that may cross its path.  Watch over this vehicle and its passengers, guarding all from danger

When finished, recite the prayer 9 times while visualizing your dragon friends wrapping adding their on layer of protection around your vehicle.

Step 5: Place the newly created talisman in the place you have prepared for it. Close the circle as normal.