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Metal Magic

These metals are those most commonly used in magic.  For metals such as iron or steel, nails and steel nuts and bolts can be easily used in pouches or even made in to jewelry (horseshoe-nail rings are one example)  For copper-- pennies, copper wire/tubing can be used.  For silver-- jewelry, silver coins... well, you get the idea...

Metal Magical Uses
Brass Healing, money, protection
Copper Luck, love, money, healing
Gold Power, success, wisdom, prosperity
Iron Protection, grounding, strength, offensive & defensive magics
Pyrite Divination, luck discerning falsehood, money
Silver Psychic ability, protection, money, travel, dreams, invocation
Steel Protection, healing, anti-nightmare, offensive & defensive magics
Tin Divination, luck, success, justice 

Some suggested uses for these metals are:

1) Placed in appropriately colored bags and carried as magical sachets or charms;

2) Placed around windows and door to prevent unwelcome energies from entering you home;

3) Buried at the for corners of you yard to protect your property further;

4) Worn as jewelry or placed in a magical pouch along with other spell items and carried with you as a charm or talisman.

The magical uses to which metals can be put is limited only by your imagination and magical instincts.   For more information on the various magical uses of metals, see: Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic, by Scott Cunningham