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Prosperity Spell

by J'Karrah, 2006

One thing Dragons worldwide are famous for (infamous in some cases) is their ability to search out and find treasure and wealth.  In this spell you will be asking your Dragon companion to assist you in finding the prosperity you are looking for. 

But be warned: Dragons do not like those who are greedy for more than they need or deserve, nor are they willing to help those who will not help themselves by doing their fair share of the work.  So donít think you can trick your Dragon companions into bringing you money while you sit back and do nothing to deserve it.

The best time to do this spell is during the waxing phase of the moon (from new to full) on a Thursday (ruled by Jupiter, planet of wealth and abundance), but as with any other spell it can be effectively performed anytime you feel the need. 


Needed Items:

1)     A focus for your Dragon companion to work through (a small statue, or a favorite Dragon picture, etc)

2)     Cinnamon incense

3)     Orange oil or extract (look in the spice section of you local grocery)

4)     Rice (uncooked)

5)     3 Candles: 1 purple, 1 black, 1 green

6)     Something to engrave the candles with (large needle, tooth pick, etc.)

7)     1 small green bag



The Spell:

Cast the Circle and call the Quarter Guardians.  Invite your Dragon companions


Step 1:  Light the incense and say the following:

Great Dragons, I come before you to ask a boon of magic.  But I do not come empty handed as beggar in the night.  I give this incense as a gift of honor and appreciation for you generosity and your assistance. 


Step2:  Carve the candles with the following runes, concentrating on the power of each rune as you do so: 

Purple Candle:

Hagall -To promote financial security;

Jera Ė To bring tangible results for you efforts

Sigel- To bring success and victory


Black Candle:

Thurisaz- To neutralize any opposition (internal or external) to achieving your monetary goals

Nied Ė To help over come any distress you may have which could impede your  financial  prosperity

Ehwaz- To bring beneficial change swiftly


Green Candle:

Fehu- To increase your monetary wealth

Othel- To draw prosperity to you

Tyr- To bring financial victory to you for your efforts when competing against others for a job.  


 Step 3:  Anoint each candle with the orange extract and chant three times per candle:


Dragons of Power, Dragons of Light, Dragons of Wisdom, Dragons of Might!

Lend me your magic, lend me your aid, Lend me your guidance as this spell is made!


 Step 4:  Light each candle and say: 


I ask you, my Dragon friend and Companion, to touch these candles with your magic that it may blend with mine for the success of my endeavors.  Help me to achieve my financial goals that I may better myself and my life.


In you mindís eye, see an intense flow of energy coming from your Companionís focus and touching each candle, reinforcing the charged energy you have already imbued them with.  When the flow of energy stops, continue. 


Step 5:  Take a small handful of rice grains and sprinkle them around the candles and say:


Let prosperity rain down upon me as this grain rains down upon the altar.  Like grains of rice, let the work I do bring a generous harvest of wealth and prosperity.


Step 6: Light more incense as a gift to your Dragon friend and say:


I thank you, my friend, for your assistance.  With your generous gift of magic, the prosperous rewards of my efforts are assured.  If it is your will, go in peace and blessed be.


 Step 7:  Allow the candles to burn down to just above the socket and snuff out.  Then gather the sprinkled rice and the candle remains and place them in the green bag.  Finally hang the bag next to the front door as a prosperity talisman.