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Rituals and Spells

Anger Calming Spell

For times when you are just having trouble letting go of your anger

Automotive Protection

You place spells of protection around your house... why not place one around your car? 

Draconic Circle Casting

Learn how to cast a magic circle by calling on the powers of Dragons

Draconic Elemental Charging of Blades

Learn how to charge a ritual blade with the elemental forces of nature, guided by the wisdom of Dragons.

Dragon Quarter Calls

Call to those Dragons who are willing to help your magic by standing watch over the four cardinal directions and directing the forces they represent.

Dragon Spell For Self Confidence

Everyone needs a little confidence boost now and then.  Let this spell instill the confidence of a Dragon within you!

Closing the Circle

Learn how to close your magic circle and give proper thanks to those Dragons who have offered you their assistance.

Spell of Healing

Invoke the healing powers of Dragons to aid in physical recovery from illness or injury as an aid to professional medical care.

To Contact A Companion Dragon

Are you looking for a Companion Dragon of your own?  This spell can help you find one.

Draconic House Protection

Call on the power of Dragons to protect your home and family from harm.

To Call Your Companion Dragon

A way to formally invite your Dragon companion to join you for magic and friendship

Spell of Nine Knots

Traditional spell used to bind magical energy into a knotted cord for a specific purpose.

Simple Rite of Devotion

A simple ritual to help gain the blessings of your Dragon Companions and to show your respect. 

Dragon Love Spell

Call on the assistance of your Dragon allies to help you find love and happiness with the right person.

Empowerment Chant

When charging an object for magical or ritual purposes, this chant will help blend your own personal power with that of your Dragon friends.

Prosperity Spell

Who better to help you find the financial freedom you are looking for than a Dragon?  But remember... don't get greedy!

Grounding and Personal Shielding

Let your Dragons help you create a magical shield to protect you from unwelcome energies and/or influences.

Protection Ritual

This ritual is to help protect you from those who would seek to deliberately cause you unprovoked harm.

Draconic Consecration Ritual

Call on your Dragon friends to help transform any item from an everyday object into a magical tool.

Puppy Love

Just as Dragons can help you find the proper human love, they can help find a special animal friend.

To Increase Your Personal Power

This spell can help you grow more effective and secure in your magical workings

Quick Self Confidence

Need a little confidence boost before that big interview?  This spell can help!

Friendship Oath Bonding

If you have a friend who is closer to you than a blood sibling, this ritual may be used to bind your fates together as one.

Store Your Magic Circle

Ever wish you could "pack up" your magic circle and take it with you?  This spell can show you how.